AT&T 5.8GHz Bluetooth Phone System w/ 2 Handsets
AT&T 5.8GHz Bluetooth Phone System w/ 2 Handsets
AT&T 5.8GHz Bluetooth Phone System w/ 2 Handsets
Model: EP5632-2
The AT&T EP5632-2 is an innovative 5.8GHz cordless phone system incorporating Bluetooth technology that enables pairing of up to eight Bluetooth devices to the base. Any two devices can be connected at one time. For example, Bluetooth cell phone calls can be received on the home phone when the cell phone is within range of the base station. Calls can also be made from the cordless home phone, utilizing the cellular plan. In addition to these pioneering features, the EP5632-2 is expandable up to 12 EP562 handsets while requiring only one phone jack and uses Digital Spread Spectrum technology to provide you with enhanced audio performance. The full color 65K graphical display handsets come with 26 image wallpapers to choose from, recordable ring tone options, speakerphones for convenient hands-free conversations and vivid blue LED backlighting on the keypads for easy viewing. The base station and each handset can store up to 100 names and numbers in the Caller ID history log when subscribed to a Caller ID service. The EP5632-2 comes with one accessory handset and an integrated digital answering system that digitally records up to 15 minutes of messages.


Full color 65K graphical display in handset
Icon driven menu
Image wallpaper
Pre-set musical ring tones
Spare battery charger; power failure operation
Expandable system (use up to 12 handsets through a single phone jack)
Digital answering system
15 minutes record time
High sample rate audio quality
Call screening/intercept
Dual Caller ID/call waiting
100 name/number handset Caller ID history
50 name/number base Caller ID history
Caller ID memory match
Large 6-line base display
Dial-in base speakerphone
Intercom, conference and transfer capability
Handset speakerphone
Personalized Ringing Options: Assign unique ring tones to selected directory entries
Page/handset locator
Ringer volume control
English/Spanish/French setup menu
Headset compatible (2.5mm jack)
Table/wall mountable


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