Hitachi DZGX5020A DVD Camcorder 2.7" Widescreen LCD
Hitachi DZGX5020A DVD Camcorder 2.7" Widescreen LCD
Hitachi DZGX5020A DVD Camcorder 2.7" Widescreen LCD
The DZGX5020A brings the value and affordability of a DVD camcorder to a new high. Ease of use is taken to a whole new level with features like Photo Frame Capture and 1-Second Quick Start. Photo Capture allows users to browse video scenes and choose individual frames to save as digital stills to SD card. 1-Second Quick Start makes recording nearly instantaneous when powering up from sleep mode. The DZGX5020A offers 4-format DVD compatibility, a powerful 30x optical zoom and a 2.7" widescreen LCD display to complete this robust feature package.

Model: DZGX5020A
30x optical zoom
2.7" widescreen LCD
680K pixel CCD


Image Capture Device:
30x optical zoom
1500x digital zoom
680K pixel CCD
Hitachi Exclusive Advanced Image Processing
Photo Frame Grab Tool

F2.0 - 4.1
Lens Diameter: 34mm

Auto and Manual Focus

Widescreen 2.7" LCD monitor
Can operate as a light

Auto and Manual Exposure
White Balance:

Auto and Manual White Balance
Shooting Specifications:

Self-timer for digital still photos
Electronic Image Stabilizer for video
Sleep/Restart Battery Save Tool: 1 second record on restart
Finalize Button: Finalize recorded DVD-R/-RW/+RW
Quick Menu Button: Shortcut to simplified menu system
Quick Start: Short start time from power-on to first recording
16:9 widescreen recording for all DVD formats
DVD-RAM: Records 999 JPEG images per side; 640x480 resolution
Video Recording: 3 Recording Modes
XTRA: 18 min/side
FINE: 30 min/side
STD: 60 min/side
DVD-R: Write Once Technology
Image Storage:

SD Memory Card
640x480 resolution
3 quality settings for file size adjustment
Playback Specifications:

Disc Navigation: Instant access to selected scenes and in-camera editing features
Plays back in most DVD players and DVD-ROM drives
DVD-RW Rewriteable Technology (VR format)
DVD+RW Rewriteable Technology
No finalizing needed

Composite AV Output

AC adapter/charger
DC power cord
Special S-Video and Composite AV Cable
Shoulder strap
Lens cap


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